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At Sky High, we have redefined Dodgeball. One game and you'll be hooked. Have fun with the "Air Attack" or the "Bounce, Twist and Dodge". Bring your friends or join a pickup game that's in progress. The old game of Dodgeball may have been a blast, but this new style will knock you off your feet, literally!
Do you have what it takes to compete at this level?

Get your team together and sign up for our next Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament!

Price includes game, plus free jumping.
Prizes for Tournament Champions!
Teams of 6 - $72 per team.
Get YOUR team registered today! Call us at 615.366.4252 or stop by and sign up.
** All teams need to be signed up and pre-paid in advance to guarantee your spot in the tournament**

Dodgeball Tournament Champions: A-TEAM!


The November dodge-ball tournament was a show. We had 5 teams turn out for this event. We had the A-Team dominating the winners bracket the entire time  and they went undefeated. The Muffin Stuffers fought a good fight but eventually lost in the losers bracket to the Hooligans. The Hooligans losing in round 2 moved to the losers bracket to lose to the Wildcats. The Wildcats continued a good fight by going undefeated in the losers bracket but eventually fell to the A-Team. Overall the A-Team won the bragging right for this months tournament.... UNTIL NEXT TIME!

NEXT Dodgeball Tournament:

Monday | April 14th, 2014


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