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At Sky High, we have redefined Dodgeball. One game and you'll be hooked. Have fun with the "Air Attack" or the "Bounce, Twist, and Dodge". Bring your friends or join a pick-up game that's in progress. The old game of Dodgeball may have been a blast, but this new style will knock you and your friends off your feet, literally!

Private Dodgeball Court

Private Court:
First Hour
Additional Hours:
per Hour
All Access ONE Hour:
per Jumper
All Access Two Hours:
per Jumper
Package Features:
  • Maximum of 25 Jumpers
  • Private Dodgeball Games
  • We can facilitate a private Dodgeball tournament for your group with a private rental

Dodgeball Information

Access to the Dodgeball Court is included with the purchase of a General Admission wristband.  
  • Dodgeball Court is open to the public all day, every day!
  • All ages may participate at parents discretion.
  • The Dodgeball Court can host up to 20 jumpers at one time.
  • Games last approximately 5 Minutes.
  • If you get out, you can get right back in line and wait for the next game.
  • Court Monitors will call the "outs" for every game. All calls are final. 
  • Court Monitor will divide teams according to safety and fairness.
  • Children and Adults may play at the same time and/or against one another.
  • Private Dodgeball games available with purchase of Private Court.
  • All Dodgeball games follow official Sky High Sports rules, including private court games.

 All jumpers require a signed liability waiver.

Under 18 MUST have Parent signed waiver. 18+ must bring Photo ID.

Waivers can be completed ONLINE! All first-time jumpers are required print their electronic waiver confirmation for check-in.

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