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Kids with Special Needs
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Special Days for Kids with Special Needs!

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Sky High Sports, the leader in bouncy entertainment,

believes in affordable family fun & fitness.

For everyone!


On the first Tuesday of every month, Sky High Sports turns off the music and dials down the distractions for the comfort of our extra special jumpers. From 3pm until 6pm, we welcome children and young adults with special needs and their siblings, family, and friends to enjoy an afternoon of bouncy fun.


Each “jumper” is $5 with a parent or therapist free.

NBC Bay Area recently profiled the owner of Sky High Sports and this special needs session because Jerry Raymond isn’t just the owner of Sky High, he’s the father of a son with Aspergers. Click on the video to view the 3-minute segment. 

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For groups or questions, please email

*Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Waivers can easily be completed online under the "Online Waiver" tab.


*Of course, this isn’t right for every child. Parents know their child’s ability best. A parent or therapist must accompany each child.

*General patrons have the opportunity to jump at the regular hourly price.

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